Producing Top Quality Products

Trading in commodities has led the Group to the establishment of agri-based industries as well as the packaging, marketing and distribution of food products in local and overseas markets.  Many of these products have become established as well-known brands.

The Group owns and manages extensive sugar and oil palm plantations, mills and refineries in Malaysia and Indonesia.  Perlis Plantations Berhad, listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, has pioneered sugar cane growing in Malaysia. 

Food-related activities expanded into China in the late 1980s with facilities for processing edible oils operated by Kerry Oils & Grains (China) Ltd.  The Group's mills and refineries in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and China process sugar, wheat and other grains, soya beans and edible oils for sale and distribution locally and for export.

Malaysia's publicly listed Federal Flour Mills Berhad is involved in numerous activities including flour milling, animal feed manufacture, soya bean crushing and production of day-old-chicks.

In 1993, Kerry Beverages Limited was established as a joint venture with The Coca-Cola Company to own and operate a major network of bottling plants throughout China, producing Coca-Cola brand products.  Today, the Group operates 10 Coca-Cola bottling plants throughout China, including Beijing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Dalian, Nanning and other major cities.

Sugar cane plantation in Perlis, Malaysia